September 26, 2015

The one Thing I cannot live without

Yesterday at training we were told to name one thing we couldn't live without. I was lying here thinking about that, and I came to the conclusion that the one thing I really could not like without is my relationship with Jesus Christ. That is truly the only thing that I could not live without.

That got me thinking about when I was younger. Even before I was a Christian I knew He was there for me, and that gave me hope and a purpose. I often wonder how people live without that hope that comes from God. I imagine that if I didn't know God existed and cared about me when I was younger, I probably would not be here now. I thought about suicide when I was in grade school because, to me, life was unbearable. I hated going to school because I got picked on mercilessly by my classmates and ignored and rejected by the rest. My grade school years were extremely lonely. I remember pleading with God when I was younger, but never feeling that connection. I thank God He finally opened my eyes when I was almost 13. From then on, it's been an extremely rocky road, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have learned to trust God with a lot of things and really lean on Him for pretty much everything. I have learned what it feels like to be loved unconditionally and to feel close to the Creator of all things. Think about that! Can you imagine having an intimate relationship with the One who created everything? Really think about that. Doesn't that blow your mind and make you feel kinda giddy? It does me.

My hope is that everybody I know (and don't know) experiences God in a very real way; one they cannot deny. I didn't really experience that until about four years ago, and I've been a Christian for over half my life.

Father, reveal Yourself to those who are seeking, and to those who are hurting, may they feel Your presence and Your love and experience peace and joy that only comes from You. I love You, Father! Amen