September 18, 2010


So today was my last day of the self-control week in the book Character Makeover.  Today, the book had me choose actions plans. One to two from each section and like three sections total.  My action plan is what things I am going to try to work on, this week and from now on.  The six things I decided to work on are:

1. I will stop and thinkin before saying anything.
2. I will be gentle in what I say.
3. I will eat a balanced diet. I will, with God's power, not let food control me.  I will find other God inspired ways to reward or comfort myself when I would normally turn to food.  I will acknowledge my emotions and not use food as a substitute. I will eat only when I'm hungry, and only what I need, not as much as I want.
4. I will stop procrastinating. I will ask myself, "What is the best thing I could be working on right now, and what is keeping me from doing it?"
5. I will have a daily mini-Sabbath.
6. I will find an accountability partner.

Then, after that, I had to pick one of these six as the most important thing and put it in my Master Action Plan. THe one thing I decided to put on my Master Action Plan was to stop procrastinating.